Are you STP ready?

Do you know what Single Touch Payroll (STP) means for your business?

Did you know that RWK Accountancy have so much more to offer? Our STP specialists are ready to answer all your questions and are able to prepare you and your business for STP, eliminating so much pressure on you and your business!

Do you know what STP is?

Is your business STP ready?

How do you plan to be STP compliant?
Did you know that there are many different ways you can lodge your payrun details?

How confident are you in providing the ATO with accurate STP and payroll information?

The benefits of making sure your data is acurate will save you time and money!Would you like RWK Accountancy to provide a solution for you to become STP ready? We would like to offer no cost workshops and training so that you can have accurate systems in place and be ready for the 1st July 2019 STP rollout.

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