Bet to your answer faster with new Xero central

Xero have been working hard behind the scenes on some great improvements to their help centre. We know thousands of you check the online help pages every day. So we know that finding a quick answer is super important to getting you back on track with the work you’re doing.

So Xero are really excited to share the faster, more intuitive Xero Central with you. They have gone further than just tweaking and improving features – they took it apart and rebuilt it entirely. Xero have utilised machine learning to find efficiencies – the result is a new, #beautiful Xero Central with a turbocharged search engine. It will learn from the thousands of questions asked each day to continuously improve the answers it returns. It has been designed from the ground up to learn which questions are commonly asked, and to start proactively suggesting answers. Just start typing your question, and you’ll see search suggestions and popular answers appearing below.

It’s available right now – jump on to and check out the simpler design and faster search experience yourself.