Meet Our Amazing Team

Rob Koch

When Rob is not meeting RWK clients and advising them on how to get better at what they do, he is an active volunteer with the Dunsborough St John Ambulance or fishing on his boat.  Rob has been on the biggest cannon swing in the world in Queenstown NZ and LOVED It!  His next adventure will be travelling to Egypt to see the Pyramids.  Rob also plays Hockey for the local team.

“Treat others the way you want to be treated”

Gemma Denton

When Gemma is not juggling the challenges that come with being a small business owner, she spends her time playing with her kids.  She LOVES to help small business owners thrive!  Gemma has previously held jobs as a lettuce picker, chaser bin driver and catching buffalo.

“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”

Kingsley Smith
Kingsley likes helping clients who are under significant financial pressure and find a solution to fix it!  He would one day like to own a collection of random suits and is working towards adding a gorilla suit to his collection. Kingsley enjoys F45 and keeping himself fit and healthy.

Phil McCreddon

Phil loves working with such a talented team of people at RWK and the opportunities to work with great local business owners, finding solutions to their business problems.  When not in the office Phil enjoys hanging out with his young family.  He is working towards having his own chopper – to travel to work in.

“You can’t always change your circumstances, but you can always choose your attitude”

Amanda Kenny

Amanda enjoys coming to work at the RWK Dardanup office because of the family feel and definitely Lee’s laughing!  Amanda is amazing at assisting the RWK staff when they need it most.  One of Amanda’s bucket list items is to visit all the places in Australia she has not seen yet.

“She’ll be right!!!”

Amelia Hart Accountant / Operations Manager

Amelia keeps all the ducks in line in the Dunsborough office. With her strong background with RWK Clients she enjoys helping the team with internal management processes and finding better ways to become a more efficient advisor.

“Everything happens for a reason"

Belinda Dawson

Belinda has a great eye for detail with numbers and enjoys helping clients get their books organised.  She loves fast cars and races fast cars for fun!  When Belinda is not helping clients get their numbers in order, she is visiting her grandson.

“If it is meant to be, it will be”

Dani Nelson

Dani enjoys the methodical and problem-solving nature of her position at RWK and helping her clients with their financial affairs. When not in the office, Dani is either travelling or enjoying pilates. Dani has walked 300km across England, completing “Wainwright’s Coast to Coast” in under three weeks.

“Healthy, Happy, Positive & Grateful”

Chana Higgins

Chana is a great communicator and enjoys reconciling RWK clients work. Working through the nitty-gritty to unveil the best outcome! Chana loves to have fun with her children and travel.

“Time is short, make the most of everyday”

Cindy Reinders
Cindy emigrated from Zimbabwe in 2000.  She enjoys interacting with clients and helping them with day-to-day issues and giving them something of value back.  Cindy loves camping and fishing and cannot go anywhere without her camera.

Sharon Koch

Sharon LOVES the variety of her position and helping solve client’s problems and training them on how to use Xero. When Sharon is not in the RWK Dunsborough office, she is playing golf. One day she would like to visit St Andrews, Scotland to watch the British (Women’s) Open.

“Take everyday as it comes”

Lee Andreson

Lee loves being RWK’s bookkeeping Detective but really she is a head-banging hippie who LOVES Hilltop Hoods! When not at work you will find her in the garden. One day Lee will walk part of the Bibbulmun Track and celebrate with a bottle of Champers!

“No such word as CAN’T”

Natalie Mearns

Natalie enjoys coming to work and tackling the more complicated jobs.  When not in the office, Natalie is usually running her children to after-school activities and sporting commitments.  She once worked in China and would like to travel back there again.

“What goes around, comes around”

Sharon Herd

Sharon is highly organised and works best when she is under pressure and is busy. I am passionate about providing a great customer service experience based on how I would like to be treated.

Sharon once travelled around Australia for 5 years in a 36-foot bus and loved it. She loves Italian food, accompanied by a local white wine, caravanning and her fur baby Ruby.

“Your destiny is already mapped out enjoy the ride.”

Sara Bowles

When Sara is not sailing the Caribbean in a pirate boat drinking spiced rum, you will find her smiling in the offices of RWK, getting things done.  She is also our resident Yogi & Xero guru!  Sara loves the beach, yoga and building pretty things.

“Yes! Please…”