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We can provide the right price

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We quote before starting the work

"Is once a year


We want to see you more

"I want an accountant that cares"

We care a lot

"It's just too hard to change"

We've got your back

"My accountant doesn't use Xero"

We definitely do

I'm not happy with my current Accountant

A new world solution to an old school profession

Why choose RWK Accountancy?

The role of accounting to business is changing rapidly. The days of being a tax accountant who is only ever seen once a year are over. Businesses should expect more from their accountant, no matter how large or small they are. RWK Accountancy take the view of being a new world solution to an old school profession. We are reinventing the client/accountant relationship and at the heart of it is your business and personal health and well-being.

We pride ourselves on educating and motivating people to achieve more and ultimately get the best from their business. We understand how important open communication and fee transparency is to our clients.

We are business advisory, we are payroll and bookkeeping, we are friends. We’ll help with cash flow management and planning for your future…………..We also do tax returns.

We want to give you the tools to stress less and make the hard work count.

Why others chose RWK accountancy?

You are treated more as a friend than a client at RWK. The atmosphere is relaxed but made up of a group of professional and friendly people. They go far over and above what other accountants do, when you call in or ring up for advice the charge meter is not running.
RWK Accountancy are not just my accountants, they are my business partners!

Quintin Whitcher - Director
I have used RWK Accountancy for over 18 years. In that time, with their guidance, knowledge, understanding and belief in my goals, my business has grown from a 6 person operation to a 20 person operation..
But most importantly is RWK share the same belief in my business development plan as I do. Their decisions are considered and balanced and not rash.
They are like another business partner
The team at RWK Accountancy are amazing. My personal and business financials have been managed by RWK for a few years now and I wouldn't go anywhere else.
They are very supportive and provide advice on all business matters.
Julie Shadbolt - Director THE GINGERBREAD HOUSE

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