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I need fresh eyes on my business

If your business journey feels more like the daily grind and less like a celebration of your hard work and dedication, maybe you just need fresh eyes on your business?

Let RWK Accountancy reignite your motivation by working through those roadblocks that you might be struggling with or simply not getting what you want from your business.

If your business goals are not being reached, or you don’t understand your financial position, if you think you are paying too much tax, or you just need some fresh business advice and support – we have got you covered.

Business planning sessions

Plan for success, it's the only way

Has anyone ever told you that you need to spend more time “on the business” rather than “in the business”?
Have you ever thought, they might be right?

RWK Accountancy can give your business a great space to host your strategy and business planning sessions, and we don’t mind telling you, we’re a bunch sharp minds who can help with fresh eyes on your existing strategy. (We’re modest too.)

Business valuation

Because you're worth it.

Your business is probably the most valuable asset you own. When it comes time to sell, it is important to have a clear understanding of what your business is worth.

Using a professional service like RWK Accountancy to assist to value your business has the advantage of helping to comprehensively analyse your finances, identify trends within your industry which may impact your sale price, calculate goodwill value and estimate future profits. 

We've also got an awesome database of entrepreneurial business clients who could be looking for a new business to buy... just saying!


Entrepreneurs get benchmarking. And they are nor afraid of the results.

Think of benchmarking as a report card for your business, a valuable way of measuring yourself against similar-sized businesses in your industry. An exercise in arming yourself with essential information about how to improve processes and performance as it relates to industry best practice. Gold. Benchmarking is a focus on improvement, rather than just maintenance. It allows you to: see where you can reduce costs and improve efficiency

  • assess the productivity of your business compared to how many employees you have
  • identify opportunities for improvement, new ideas and innovative practices
  • highlight opportunities for making your business more competitive
  • forecast the impact of any changes and see how to prepare for growth.

At our core, RWK Accountancy believe that if you are not continuously improving in business, you are standing still, waiting for your competitors to overtake you.  As a continuous improvement tool, benchmarking is the golden ticket of opportunity find what differentiates you from your competitors. It’s the secret swipe file on what you need to do to be better, to be better than the rest and as good as you possibly can be.

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Prior year financial review

Ever wonder if you are paying too much tax?

Sometimes it's good to get a second opinion. We do it when we are building a house, or buying a car - why not get a second opinion on your business accounting?

RWK Accountancy offer all potential new Clients, a 1-hour FREE consultation to talk through your current financial situation and review your past years records to see if there are any concessions or deductions we can find you, new business strategies we can recommend to you or whether we can simply manage your personal and business accounts more cost effectively for you.

Quote comparisons

Same Same, but different?

RWK Accountancy will offer you a 1- hour free consultation to run through your last financial year and see if there are savings to be made, concessions to be found or expenses to be claimed. We are happy to provide you with a quote comparison, so you can compare "apples with apples" between us and your existing Accountant.

We would love the opportunity to show you what we are all about - and you've got nothing to lose, because it's FREE!

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