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The Mumballup Tavern

“We are the new owners of the Mumballup Tavern, RWK Accountancy were recommended to us by a fellow colleague. We have been utilising their services for about 4 months.”

“The biggest benefit I find with using them is that nothing is ever too hard! Their support and dedication to seeing our business grow is second to none. They are very accommodating and would bend over backwards to help us.”

“I would definitely recommend them to other Businesses big or small.”

“We utilise the Xero platform and the applications make the day to day running of our business very easy.”

“As I said, nothing is ever a problem, I just can’t recommend them enough!”


“LGM Specialise in fixed plant maintenance and capital projects for the resource and energy sectors in the southwest of WA”

“We have been using RWK Accountancy for the last 6 years and have never looked back.”

“They offer a personalised service which includes access to directors of the business.”

“They are a wealth of knowledge and they are strategically wise which helps assist our business grow.”

“In terms of services and tools, the Xero Technology is Superior and is accountable for saving our business time and money.”

“I have and will continue to recommend RWK Accountancy to other businesses for sure.”


Evivva Cafe provides Organic and Fresh Local Produce in a casual and alfresco dining setting in the heart of Dunsborough.

We have been using RWK Accountancy for over 6 years and the biggest benefit for us is ‘Peace of Mind’!

The RWK Team look after my employee finances and café expenses leaving me to focus on running and building my business.

What I appreciate most is that RWK are local, we live in a small town so it’s great to have such a professional team servicing our area. They are knowledgeable and have my business at heart.

Nothing is ever too hard.

I have in the past, and will continue to recommend RWK Accountancy to other business owners.


I am the Principal/Licensee and Partner at JMW Real Estate where our main focus is Property Management, Sales, Advice and Real Estate.
I have used RWK Accountancy for over 15 years. In that time, with their guidance, knowledge, understanding and belief in my goals, my business has grown from a 6 person operations to a 20 person operation.
The key to this success has been the way in which Rob has actually been an integral part of the management strategy rather than just a compliance driven professional. We have regular 1 on 1 meetings where we discus all aspects of the business and I can attest that RWKs Standard of knowledge and advice, their approachability and their highly professional and ethical manner are above reproach.
But most importantly is they share the same belief in my business development plan as I do. There decisions are considered and balanced and not rash.
They are like another business partner.
For our business, RWK provides Compliance, Professional Advice and the Xero Suit.
At least once a week I would recommend RWK Accountancy to other businesses or my clients.

South West Laser Tattoo Removal

At South West Laser Tattoo Removal, we specialise in removing unwanted tattoos or lightening them for a cover up.

We have utilised RWK Accountancy’s Services for over 5 years.

Initially, we changed to RWK because we wanted more out of our accountant. When we switched to RWK we quickly built a great relationship and they cleaned up all of our accounting affairs, in some cases redid old accounts.

They are local to the South West, I love the fact that you can contact them whenever you have an issue, and they respond very quickly.

During Step up they assigned a person to help me, 1 on 1. I was able to hound them with questions and problems and all the while get methodical and understanding responses and follow up phone calls.

They go the extra mile, do house calls and save me money, what a brilliant business.

I love Xero, but love the fact that they can see my business also which means when I have a problem, we are looking at the same figures in real time.

I have sent a lot of people to RWK, I believe in them and trust them with my business, and they have never let me down.

Community Training Australian South West

Community Training Australian South West Campus in North Boyanup is a purpose built harmonious space for the tuition of Community Service Qualifications.

We have been with RWK for 6 months.

We changed to RWK because we felt lost and didn’t have a strong relationship with our previous accountant.

In moving to RWK we found a local business who spoke our language, they understood us and would sit with us so we get the maximum out of our business, and most importantly, they allowed us to grow and push our potential.

We have just started to use Xero and have found it very easy to understand. RWK have been with us every step of the way helping us understand and guiding us in the right direction. They are always one step ahead of us so they can rectify and change things before they come headaches.

We are very impressed with RWK and the Xero Platform and would recommend them highly.

Foleys Frothing Fermentation

At Foleys Frothing Fermentations our core business is producing Organic, Wild Fermented Probiotic Food.

We were referred to RWK through one of their clients that spoke highly of their professionalism and suggested they would be perfect for us, she was right and we have been with RWK now for a year and have not looked back.  We find RWK operate with a personal touch and take an honest interest in our business.  ALL of their staff are extremely professional and very approachable. We utilise their Accounting and Business Support Service this includes implementing Xero an online accounting software, and monthly meetings going over our budgets, cash flow and forecasting. They have definitely taken the stress factor out of our accounting needs.

We would highly recommend RWK to other businesses, and have done so.