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Email: Phone: +00 21 387
Email: Phone: +00 21 387

Bookkeeping Services

In todays fast paced world you need to be able to rely on the quality of the core accounting information for your business. It needs to be accurate, timely and set up in a way that it can help you better manage your business. Is this happening for you?

RWK Accountancy supplies a wide array of bookkeeping services to its customers.
This can go from collation and preparation of quarterly BAS obligations for customers right through to complete control over a customers books including setting up accounts for clients to go online and pay.

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Accounting Packages that we are licensed to provide advice on and work with:
• Xero
• Quickbooks
• Cashflow Manager

Services that we can supply
• Outsourcing and Hosting of computer accounting packages for Clients
• Review of computer information and preparation of BAS forms
• Provision of employee payroll services
• Tracking and follow up for debtor sales
• Control of Accounts payable including set up of accounts to be paid in the bank
Bookkeeping Advice

• Assistance with determining appropriate payrates for employees
• Bookkeeping accounts reviews to ensure the numbers are correct
• Account Reconciliations
• PAYG, Superannuation and GST Advice
• Advice on best program for your requirements
• Assistance with setup of your computer packages

Remember - there are only so many hours available in a day. Are you better to get someone else to do your bookwork if you could be making more money?
For example if you can earn $150 per hour and you haven't got enough hours in the day to get you invoicing and accounting done doesn’t it make sense to pay another person $50 per hour.
All things being equal, you are up to $100 per hour better off. In all likelihood your bookkeeper is probably able to work a lot quicker than you as well.